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We have helped many companies roll out both small and large projects. The benefit of the ECDL to companies is that for a relatively small investment you can increase your staff productivity, give more time to your IT department, and increase your overall turnover.

If one member of staff does not understand or know how to use a program or application they will often slow their fellow workers down by asking questions, which will undoubtedly have a knock on effect to those around them. Basic computer skills that the ECDL offers ensures your staff have the skills they need.

Courses are easily accessible via the Internet through both high-speed and dial-up connections, making them available at home, work, or while travelling. Each course has a skill assessment and takes a modular approach which breaks down the study time into a manageable size.

We can generate progress reports to monitor staff progress, test scores, study time and help to easily identify those that require extra study.

Our courses work in conjunction with many of the learning management systems available and include an abundance of helpful interactive content like simulations, skill assessments, and a powerful search feature to create an engaging, effective learning environment.

24/7 instant mentoring available to answer all your questions, unlimited! Only £49.99

Training Needs Analysis, if you are unsure which course to start with we can provide TNA to assess what is best for your company and staff.

Please contact us on 08450 504 505 or by filling out the form on the right.

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